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Hijab: Why I wear it

AFH art by Peggy Lei

AFH art by Peggy Lei

I wear my head scarf because I was told to by my religion. I believe in my religion so I believe in my head scarf, my hijab.

My religion says the head scarf keeps a woman modest and doesn’t reveal her hair. So when people like a Muslim woman, they don’t like her for her beauty; they like her for her personality.

I do believe this, and this does happen. I have a lot of friends who like me for me. They don’t care if I’m not wearing what they are wearing. They like me for who I am and how I act.

In a way, the head scarf protects me from ignorant people and helps them not get close to me. I’ve met a few people in my life who have treated me differently because of what I wear and what I believe. They’d say, “Oh, if I was you, I would just take it off. It’s ugly.” But I really didn’t care because i wasn’t close with them. i realize not everyone is understanding.

Many people think I would hate wearing my hijab — but they’re wrong. I am actually grateful to be born into a family that wears the head scarf. I’ve worn it ever since I was a child. It is not something just anyone would understand. You have to be able to know the reasons behind it.

Since the Boston Marathon bombings in April, nothing has happened to me. Just because some terrorists claim to be Muslims doesn’t mean that our religion allows things like that to be done.