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Hijab: Why I don’t wear It

I’m a believer. I practice Islam every day. I pray. I speak of Allah. I read the Quran. However, I don’t wear the Hijab, which symbolizes modesty.

As a believer, it is inadmissible to do something that has to do with God just because people are forcing you. Wearing the hijab is a request from God himself — not from your parents or anyone else. I believe that it is much more important to do it for you and for your God because, at the end of the day, when we die, everyone is going to lie alone in different tombs.

I never grew up wearing the hijab. Up until I turned 12, my parents never said anything about it. Why should I suddenly start wearing it? It’s almost like going outside without clothing — you are not comfortable doing it.

Several years from now, when I’m married let’s say, I’ll probably change my mind because I will feel mentally ready to choose to wear it. I won’t have my mom and dad wanting me to put it on – only myself and my God.